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Teachers Feedback Form

Teachers feedback is an important parameter for quality improvement of the curriculum and the quality of the student and institution. Dear teachers,your valuable feedback will help us to improve teaching learning environment and to provide best facilities and modern infrastructure. The information provided by you will be kept confidential.

  1. The aims and objectives of the curriculum are well defined and clear.
  2. There is value content in the syllabus in making the students good citizens.
  3. The Syllabus of Subjects are updated regularly by University as per suggestions and requirement.
  4. The allocation of credits to syllabus in the course are sufficient.
  5. Sufficient number of optional papers are available in the course/ programme.
  6. The skill papers syllabus aimed to provide industry standard skills and helpful in fetching jobs.
  7. The syllabus is suitable for both slow and fast learners.
  8. The reference books, journals prescribed as reference materials are relevant, updated and cover the entire syllabi.
  9. Sustainability of Evaluation process fulfills the objectives of the course/ programme.
  10. College gives freedom to adopt advanced techniques in teaching.
  11. ICT facilities in the college are adequate for teaching and learning process.
  12. The environment in the college encourage teaching and research.
  13. The college provides adequate opportunities and support faculties for their professional development.
  14. The administration of college is teacher friendly and helpful.
  15. Academic andadministrative work is well planned andorganized
  16. Overall basic infrastructural facilities available in the college are good.
  17. Your valuable suggestions if any.