Department of Chemistry


Department of Chemistry is recognized for its self-discipline and of high academic centre. Maintaining a strong and viable chemistry programmer and ensuring opportunities for successful growth department requires a strong foundation. Presently it is laid by sufficient faculty in the cornerstone disciplines within chemistry (Inorganic, Organic & Physical Chemistry)

The current faculty members in department are recognized both for their contributions and preeminence in their respective cornerstone disciplines, and research in chemistry.

Department has and will continue to make important contributions to these areas through education and research.


  • Department of Chemistry endeavor to inculcate research culture among the Students.
  • To encourage original and novel thinking and ideas among the students.
  • To provide an opportunity for expression of research talent through various research activities.
  • To prepare the students to contribute to the ever changing, technology centered world of 21st century.
  • To promote interactions with academics, R & D institutes and Industries.
  • To build the students as responsible citizen of the country.


  • To achieve this vision the department is committed to provide basic study materials, various opportunities, that are high quality, innovating and intellectually challenging.
  • Teach students the value of cross disciplinary thinking by providing them with educational & research opportunities between chemistry & other field of study.
  • Encourage community engagement by providing students with service learning and community based research opportunities.
  • Provide high quality academic advising for all majors.
  • Encourage students to value diversity and to develop a global perspective through National & International experiences in chemistry.
  • We are dedicated to rigorous standards for content knowledge, communication skill, research knowledge and professional behavior.  
  • We are committed to demonstrating science as a human endeavor and as a way to understand the natural world.

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